Employment and Internships

Employment and Internships

Cedar Point employs three year-round staff members to run the station. During the in-season (mid-May to October), we employ between 10 and 15 students to help run our kitchen, manage our equipment/supplies, and to improve/maintain the grounds.

Important information for all internships:

  • Design your internship to fit your goals
  • Have the chance to take a class during the summer (online or in-person)
  • Flexible May start date and flexible August end date
  • 35 - 40 hours per week
  • $9.50 - $11.50 per hour dependent on internship and level

We accept resumes year round for the in-season. If you are interesting in any of our summer positions, please email your resume to cpbs@unl.edu.

Kitchen Staff (6-8)

General Kitchen Staff

  1. Basics of working in a commercial kitchen
    1. Learning about all the equipment and kitchen skills
  2. Ingredient management
    1. Basics of following a recipe and properly measuring ingredients
  3. Proper food handling and safety
    1. Learn about the Nebraska Food Code and safety when it comes to working in a kitchen
  4. Basics of inventory and ordering
    1. Get a general overview of inventory management
    2. Get a firsthand look at what a food distributor's website looks like

Kitchen Supervisor

  1. Ensuring cleanliness
    1. Helping to make sure all supplies and ingredients get put away
    2. Leading the kitchen staff in daily cleaning
  2. Ingredient and supply ordering
    1. Learning how to properly order supplies and ingredients to ensure you have enough for all your recipes.
  3. Employee scheduling
    1. Putting together weekly staff schedules
  4. Creative problem solving
    1. Solving all problems that might arise when working in a kitchen such as fixing mistakes and adjusting recipes

Kitchen Manager

  1. Weekly meal planning
    1. Creating the Weekly Meal Plan which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for seven days
    2. Using supplies currently in stock and working alongside others to ensure all ingredients that are needed get ordered
  2. Special dietary needs management
    1. Create special meal plans for vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, etc. users
  3. Time, equipment, and staff managment
    1. Ensuring all food goes out on time
    2. Ensure all equipment is being used and treated properly
    3. Keep staff on task and occupied
  4. Food cost analysis
    1. Basics of costing recipes - per person and per day


Continuation of Hospitality Internships specific to Nutrition Majors - these duties are added onto your internship level to round out your experience.

  1. Creat a balance menu
  2. Implement healthier cooking techniques
  3. Work with individuals with allergies and sensitivities
  4. Design meals for vegan and vegetarian individuals
  5. Room for growth in creativity and leadership skills
  6. Use skills from NUTR 370/ NUTR 371L

Events (1)

Event Coordinator

  1. Photography
    1. Taking pictures of classes in action
    2. Getting photos uploaded and edited if needed
  2. Organizing events
    1. Planning weekend outings for students during their downtime such as lake trips, sports competitions, and trips to tourist spots in western Nebraska
  3. Managing social media accounts
    1. Daily posts and networking opportunities using Facebook and Instagram
  4. Alumni events and relations
    1. Help build communications with alumni
    2. Start the process of planning an annual alumni event
  5. Tie-dye
    1. Responsible for the entire process of tie-dying t-shirts
    2. Recruit volunteers to help
    3. Ensure that all t-shirts are up to CPBS standards
  6. Rocky Mountain Conference of Parasitology
    1. Annual conference in September
      1. will work with school schedule to accommodate the needed time off
    2. Work alongside regional team to help set-up the event
      1. Plan menu
      2. Function as onsite manager during event (run check-in, answer questions, keep conference on track, organize staff)

Lodging (1-3)

Basic Lodging Intern

      1. Housekeeping
        1. Ensure the cleanliness of facilities
      2. Student and faculty check-in
        1. Help with check-ins each session
        2. Show students and faculty where everything is located in a quick tour
      3. Organization of supplies
        1. All storage areas are kept neat and orderly

Lodging Supervisor Interns extra duties

      1. Ordering of inventory
        1. Ensure all supplies needed are available
        2. Order, organize all supplies to needed locations

Lodging Management Interns extra duties

    1. Housing assignments
      1. Create a detailed housing chart
      2. Ensure everyone needing specific accommodations are taken care of
    2. Staff and time management
      1. Work alongside other staff making sure tasks get done in a timely manner

Teaching Assistant

We typically hire 7 to 9 teaching assistants each summer. These are usually a 3-week position and specific to each class we offer. Please take a look at our class list. If you see a class you are interested in TAing for, please talk to the instructor and Jon Garbisch.

Preparation Assistant

This is the station assistant. The job requires driving, organizing equipment, getting equipment for classes, helping the teaching assistants with their work, etc. Please contact Jon Garbisch if you are interested in this position.


Primary Goal: Control of Eastern Red Cedar on the 950 acres of property

  • Gain experience in habitat management
  • Prairie and forest stewardship
  • Manage and expand trail systems
  • Work with volunteers
  • Participate in creating grant proposals
  • Work alongside the associate director on many related projects

Facilities Management (2-4)

Learn what it takes to run a scientific field station

  • Manage use and ordering of supplies and materials
  • Learn custodial and basic maintenance
  • Sustainable landscape plans
  • Trail and access management
  • Locally source construction and materials
  • Manage volunteers

Sustainability (1)

  • Participate in creating grant proposals for station sustainability and resilience
  • Find ways to source local products in all aspects
  • Help develop a core efficient and sustainable CPBS campus
  • Help create a culture that strives to reduce and recycle all things at CPBS

We have housed other assorted researchers (bat, otter, fish, turtle, piping plover). Keep your eyes open for opportunities around your department!

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