Employment and Internships

Employment and Internships

Cedar Point employs three year-round staff members. During our in-season, we employ between 8 to 10 extra staff members to help feed our students/researchers, manage our equipment/supplies, and to improve/maintain the grounds. We accept resumes year round, but the working season is from the beginning of May until the middle of October. If you are interesting in working for us this summer, please email your resume to cpbs@unl.edu or call 402-472-5977 if you have any questions.

Kitchen Staff

If you're interested in working summer 2020, give us a ring or email us!

Job description:

As a kitchen assistant (can fulfill HRTM 172 internship), you are effectively the engine room of the kitchen. Working under the guidance of the hospitality coordinator or acting kitchen manager, your job is to ensure that the kitchen and dining areas are clean and operational. You will also be involved in preparing ingredients and meals. The following is an outline to the duties you will perform on the job:

  1. Ensure the food preparation areas are clean and hygienic
  2. Assist in ingredients preparation
  3. Ensure dining area is clean and usable
  4. Assist in meal preparation
If you are looking to complete the upper level HRTM internships (397 and 476), there are extra duties to help give you the experience you want and need.
  1. Meal planning, ordering, staff management
    1. Create a meal plan for each week
    2. Determine costs
      1. In totality
      2. Per person
    3. Order food and supplies
    4. Follow the meal plan
      1. Manage employees to ensure top-quality products in the time constraint
      2. Troubleshoot and problem solve issues as they arise

Teaching Assistant

We typically hire 7 to 9 teaching assistants each summer. These are usually a 3-week position and specific to each class we offer. Please take a look at our class list. If you see a class you are interested in TAing for, please talk to the instructor and Jon Garbisch.

Preparation Assistant

This is the station assistant. The job requires driving, organizing equipment, getting equipment for classes, helping the teaching assistants with their work, etc. Please contact Jon Garbisch if you are interested in this position.

Internship Opportunities

Summer 2014 we hosted 4 hospitality interns, 5 in summer 2015, 2 in summer 2016, 3 in summer 2017, and 2 in summer 2019. We are looking to host 6 for the summer 2020! Look under the kitchen help tab for more information.

Reoccuring Programs Number of internships
Habitat Management 4
Hospitality 6
New Program Opportunities Number of internships
Cliff Swallow Project 1

We have housed other assorted researchers (bat, otter, fish, turtle, piping plover). Keep your eyes open for opportunities around your department!

OBSF Job Opportunities

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Does working at a field station appeal to your sense of adventure?

Check out OBFS's help wanted ads to see if there is a job, an internship, or (if you're an undergrad) a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) opportunity for you out there. Biological field all over the world are a part of OBFS, so you might find something as close as Colorado or as far away as Greece! From field techs to directors, you never know what you might find! Check out the internship page, the news page, or just search for "jobs" in the search bar and peruse the listings.