Attending CPBS

Attending CPBS

Inquisitive GirlWhy Should I Enroll in a CPBS Course?

  • You'll get to visit the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills!
  • You'll have the opportunity to live in rustic cabins by serene Lake Ogallala.
  • Class are less lecture-based and more field-based, so you spend most of your days (and sometimes nights!) outside delving into field science!
  • Relationships with students, TAs, and professors form fast and strong.
  • You get to eat three meals a day with science-minded people from undergraduates to well-known scientists where you can discuss ideas.
  • Complete a 4 credit course in 3 weeks or 3 credit course in 2 weeks.
  • It's a really amazing experience!

Courses are split up into four, 3-week sessions with 2-3 courses each session. Each session begins with dinner on Sunday night of the first week and ends on Friday afternoon of the third week. Classes meet all day Monday-Friday, and may include optional activities on the weekends. Courses are experience-based learning with an emphasis on student research projects. Most students agree that their participation at Cedar Point was very special and a highlight of their educational experience at Nebraska.

You should enroll early with the Cedar Point office to ensure a spot in the course you want. Enrollments for all courses are "first come, first serve." Several of the courses will fill quickly, but we do create wait lists for courses that are full. Newly opened spots are filled by contacting the people on the waiting list in the same "first come, first serve" basis.

**Students who are not currently enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are always welcome to take courses at CPBS. If you have not completed an undergraduate degree you must fill out the visiting student application for admission in addition to your Cedar Point application. If you are a student of another of University of Nebraska's institutions (UNK, UNO, etc.), you will need to fill out the online intercampus application and the Cedar Point application. If you have completed a degree, or are currently enrolled as a graduate student in another institution, you need to apply for admission through the Graduate School. For more information see the Office of Graduate Studies - Visiting Student.

We should mention that scientific ethics and general good sense dictate several basic rules when attending CPBS. Treat everything here with respect and forethought. The laboratory and classrooms are not just the buildings that hold a few books, computers, microscopes, and desks, but rather CPBS is nearly 1,000 acres of living collection and experiments. All of your actions affect the results of current and future research. Please remember to respect peoples research space, both in the buildings and outside, and respect the rights of future visitors. Simply put, please be courteous and use good sense and your research and learning experience at CPBS will be enjoyable and productive. Work hard, be safe, have a great time, and learn a lot!

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