Register for Classes

Register for Classes

All CPBS courses are cancelled, and the deposit will be refunded. It will take about 6-8 days to post to your card. A few courses may be offered as a replacement, and you will need to enroll in those directly when they are announced.

Some of you will be worried about staying on track for your fall courses with required prerequisites or need that last ACE 10 course to graduate in September, etc. We are discussing what can be offered and who is willing to do it at the moment. What I know and guess at the moment is below, but remember we have not sorted through all the logistical details just yet.

Understand this fact: we can’t possibly recreate the Cedar Point Experience in any realistic way online, and any alternative version is not intended to do so.

One or more BIOS 400 level – ACE 10 courses usually taught at CPBS may be offered in a remote format over a normal summer 5 week session. ENGL 317 is being offered remotely, and BIOS 207 is being discussed. BIOS 487 Field Parasitology is being actively discussed. NRES 498 Field Herp will NOT be offered as Herp is offered in the fall. We have no other details to offer right now regarding LIFE 121, ARTP 383, or the other 400 level courses at CPBS.

Again any online version will be a new course that will soon appear in MyRed, and you will need to enroll in that course directly. We will make sure everyone who had already enrolled will be aware of an optional, new remote course if it is offered. It is possible these will mostly be offered in the 2nd 5 weeks summer session.

Thank you for sticking with us during this peculiar time.

Jon Garbisch

Associate Director, CPBS

Enrollment fills up fast! We highly recommend you register as soon as possible!

To Register for Classes:
  • Please double check the prerequisites for each class you wish to take. You can do this by looking at the course description page or contacting the instructor directly.
  • Fill out the ONLINE FORM HERE. Please read all directions. At the end of the application, you will need to pay the nonrefundable $100 deposit for each class chosen to complete the application.
  • In March 2020, you will receive a departmental permission code, and you will need to complete enrollment via MyRed.
  • In April, you will receive an information packet that includes maps, a packing list, when and where to come for the first day, and a few basic rules.

If you have any problems or questions, please email us at or