Financial Aid

Financial Aid
Our ultimate goal is to try our best to give everyone a fair and equal opportunity to enroll in a Cedar Point course. We try to be flexible enough to accommodate special circumstances, but there are regulations we must abide by. If finances are stopping you from joining us at CPBS for the summer, we awarded more than $29,000 to students to cover room and board costs in 2014 and over 50 scholarships in 2019, so don't hesitate to apply for a scholarship! We want you to come to Cedar Point and have a great learning experience! So please, if you have a concern, feel welcome to stop in, call, or email me to discuss anything this website or the brochure doesn't address.

Thank you!
Jon Garbisch, Associate Director

Taking courses at Cedar Point is an excellent value for your tuition dollar. The tuition rate is the same as a campus course, and most campus student fees are waived. CPBS does not currently charge an extra course fee, and there is a room and board scholarship to help. To learn more about this scholarship, keep reading or contact the CedarSack with dollar symbol on it Point office in Manter Hall.

We also may have summer jobs to help pay for schooling. Please check our employment page for any available positions.

TO APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP, FILL OUT THE ONLINE APPLICATION as soon as you can. Due date is March 15th prior to the summer of application for priority consideration.

COVID 19 note: We would like to see applications in before mid-March, but we will continue to accept applications if we have the funds. We will update as we know more. Like many things this year please allow a high degree of flexibility.

 In order to be considered for a R&B scholarship:

  • Fill out an application form
  • Get a letter of recommendation from a faculty member

Our funds come from the Deans of Arts and Sciences, Education and Human Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, and Cedar Point endowments. Awards are based on character, work ethic, academic standing, and/or financial need. Note that several University of Nebraska-Lincoln tuition scholarships (i.e. Regents) require the student to notify the Financial Aid office that they have registered for a summer course. In Fall and Spring, this is automatic.


Online Scholarship Application