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Young Nebraska Scientists is a educational program sponsored by EPSCoR, an NSF program, that brings Nebraska high school students exciting scientific and mathematical adventures during their summers. YNS Summer Camps provide participants with the opportunity to learn science through doing science at Nebraska institutions of higher education alongside science experts and highly qualified teachers. Nebraska middle school and high school students experience STEM activities in an intense and fun environment and receive personal attention and discovery based learning.

The YNS camp at CPBS was first offered in the summer of 2013 and has been offered every year since. Enrollments have varied between 5 and 12 students each year. The camp is fee based and scholarships are awarded on a financial needs basis. The goals for this camp is to provide high school students an opportunity to explore the biodiversity of a high plains ecosystem, learn field biology techniques, and to work closely with some of UNL’s best researchers and teachers who volunteer their time to participate in the program. Our recruiting efforts have focused on high school students from Western Nebraska, a geographic area that typically lacks science enrichment programs because they are primarily offered by institutions located in the Lincoln-Omaha metropolitan area. We have also used this camp to recruit students to enroll in life sciences majors at UNL. Several alumni of this program have enrolled at UNL over the past two years.

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The following pictures and text are taken from the poster Young Nebraska Scientists Camp at UNL Cedar Point Biological Station created by Dr. William Glider and Benjamin Reed for the 2016 SciComm.