Outreach: Tours


We are very proud of the facilities at Cedar Point and the contribution to the understanding of the natural world as a result of the education and research carried out here. Field stations are the leading edge to confronting issues and unlocking the secrets of nature. At CPBS, we play a vital role in this process for our region and the world. We are happy to give tours of the station and share our mission with you.

In general much of Cedar Point Biological Station is not open to the public on a daily basis. Mostly this is to protect the research areas and plots that are used for a wide variety of interests. Cedar Point has a typical student and researcher population during the summer season of 55 to 75 people so we do not, in reality, lock down the slightly less than 1000 acres as a high security area.

Due to the presence of sensitive biological research, both Cedar Point grounds and Arapaho Prairie are open to the public only through prior arrangements. Collecting and hunting are prohibited as this may cause damage to any number of experiments.

In June and July, at 8 AM every Saturday morning we open the white gate to the public and offer a tour of Cedar Point. What is viewed on the tour typically depends on who shows up and what they would like to see. Saturday doesn't work for you? You can also schedule tours!

To schedule a tour:
Contact CPBS Associate Director Jon Garbisch
Office: 402-472-5977 (Academic Year)
Cedar Point: 308-284-6501 (Summer Months)