Note: this is for your estimation purposes only. UNL may assess other fees. This estimate does not include the cost of the text(s) for the course and other typical course supplies or the cost to get to Cedar Point. Note: Your Deposit is either the Room & Board or the Commuter fee. The commuter fee is for students not requiring housing at Cedar Point.

Tuition: paid via MyRed
Resident Undergraduate                              $216 / credit = ____________________
Non-resident undergraduate $641 / credit = ____________________
Resident Graduate $285 / credit = ____________________
Non-resident Graduate $768.75 / credit = ____________________
Program Fees: paid via MyRed
Library Fee $4 / credit = ____________________
Technology Fee $7.35 / credit = ____________________
Registration Fee $20 paid once = ____________________
          -- UNL may assess other fees --     

Room and Board: paid directly to CPBS
Food & Housing -- one 3wk session $575 / 3wks = ____________________
Option: Commuter Fee; food & services only $300 / 3wks = ____________________
 --This fee is your deposit--

base cost for fees, tuition and R&B X number of courses = ____________________
For one 3wk course - resident undergrad typical = $1500.40

Most or all of the UPFF (University Program and Facilities Fee: rec center, health center, etc.) may be waived if enrolled before May 1st, 2013; this amount varies but has been close to $200 / course; please ask.

 going up the hill into the field: Botany


Your deposit is non-refundable.

Cedar Point Biological Station awarded over $12,000 to students to cover room and board costs in 2010. These funds came from the Deans of Arts and Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and Cedar Point endowments. Awards are based on both academic standing or /and financial need.

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