Cedar Point is located just east of the Kingsley Dam, on the south shore of Lake Ogallala. Our address is:

170 Cedar Point Drive, Rural Ogallala, NE 69153

You can print out the directions below or you can use Google Maps. NOTE: Google maps DOES NOT have detailed info about campus, only how to reach campus.

The following is the easiest route to Cedar Point; however, there is a second way from Roscoe via Keystone-Roscoe Road. In general this second route is poorly marked and can be difficult to drive in rainy weather. It is not recommended unless you are familiar with the area.

  • Take Ogallala Exit 126 off Interstate-80 WEST.
  • Turn right onto Big Mac Road (aka: U.S.26/Nebr. 61)
  • Follow U.S.26/Nebr. 61 through Ogallala for approximately 3 miles (follow the signs for Lake McConaughy). U.S.26/Nebr. 61 becomes East A Street once you cross Lincoln Hwy. Continue on East A St. through town, staying in the left lane. 
  • Turn left onto 8th Street.
  • Go one block, turn right on N Spruce Street.
  • Continue north out of town.
  • A short distance past the hospital, the highways split. Keep right on Neb. Highway 61 for approximately 6 miles.
  • As you approach Kingsley Dam (Lake McConaughy will be visible ahead to your left) there will be a Nebraska Game and Parks visitor center on your right.
  • At 0.6 miles north of the visitor center, you will crest a hill. Turn right onto the gravel road (GPS coordinates: North 41°12.4’, West 101°40.2’). Follow this winding road down towards the hydroelectric plant.
  • At the fork near the plant, keep right. You will come across a white gate labeled “Cedar Point Biological Station.” The gate is chained but not locked. 
  • After passing through, close and secure the gate behind you
  • Continue driving for approximately 3/4 mile. To the left of the road is a large area facing the lake; park here. CP campus will be behind you.
  • On foot, continue down the road you came in on (east) until you encounter a UNL sign and a gravel drive.
  • Turn right onto the drive; it will lead you to the loading dock and cement steps. Go up the steps; you will be on the south side of Goodall Lodge.  Just to the east of Goodall Lodge is the Gainsforth Resource Center where you will check can at the office.