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CPBS is a member of the Organization of Biological Field Stations.  

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Note:  The Resource Section requires substantial work yet.  We have basic MS Excel files we are happy to share at this point, but would welcome volunteers or paid students who would like to help us work these files into usable more interactive databases.

Cedar Point Biological Station like any field / biological station or marine lab can be recognized as a field based museum of natural history.  We encourage you to see Cedar Point Biological Station as a very large research and education collection and I believe this is in essence what the Gainesforth family intended when it was sold to the University of Nebraska. Like a traditional museum any one who can demonstrate a reasonable research or educational need will be granted access. With granting of this privilege you will have access to a unique collection of research materials which cover a broad spectrum of the sciences. CPBS and adjacent properties managed by NGP, NPPD, CNPPID, and private ranchers are the collection managers, curators, docents, educators, and research staff in this museum.  Scientific ethics and good sense dictate several general rules of use.  It may sound odd to you at first thought but hundreds, hopefully thousands of years from now students and researchers will also want access, your actions today will affect their results; act accordingly.  Treat everything here with respect and forethought. The laboratory and classrooms are NOT just the buildings, which holds a few books, computers, microscopes, and desks, but rather CPBS is nearly 1000 acres of living collection.  All of your actions affect the results of current and future research - respect peoples research space both in the buildings and outside and respect the rights of future visitors.  Simply, be courteous and use good sense, and your research and learning experience at CPBS will be enjoyable and productive. Work hard, be safe, have a great time, and learn a lot.

Links to useful datasets and associated facilities

CNPPID - Reservoir and Platte River Data

Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District's elevation and flow information.

Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology

University of Nebraska Museum of Natural History:  Search the University of Nebraska State Museum databases for Mammals, Birds, Herps and Fish. In the County field enter either Kieth for Cedar Point, or Arthur for Arapaho Prairie.

     UNL - MNH Collections and research webpages

Prairie Plains Resource Institute

Nebraska Game and Parks:  Requests for scientific collection permits and other permit information.

Cedar Point and Arapaho Prairie Weather Data at High Plains Regional Climate Center:  Access the entire AWDN data set, as well as the National Weather System Cooperative Weather Network.

UNL Research Compliance Services