Why should I be interested in enrolling in a CPBS course?

  • It is a long drive west where there is no cell phone service, lots of grass, and cows, and not much else.
  • You live in cabins that are just a bit more than wooden tents and your cabin mates will snore!
  • You will have to work REALLY hard to cover 4 credits of advanced biology in only 3 weeks.
  • You will have to pay extra to cover the cost of food and housing (actually maybe not, see scholarships).
Yes, ALL true ... but wait there's more:

  • The instructor and TA live right next door so they are always there asking you questions.
  • The instructor will not like to lecture much so you spend all day outside with bugs, snakes, toads and other nasty stuff.
  • You will get to know everyone really well and with 18 or less in a class it is hard to avoid interacting with all of them.
  • Worst of all you will have to eat three meals a day with these people who all think the course is the coolest thing they have ever done in their entire life (well maybe "one" of the coolest things they have ever done in their life).
view east to Bluestem at CPBS

 Summer 2014 forms:
Course Application: Word/PDF
Room & Board Scholarhip: Word/PDF