Class Application for the Summer of 2019

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln: School of Biological Sciences
Lincoln, NE 68588-0118
Ph: 402/472-5977
Fax: 402/472-2083

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This is the college within the University of Nebraska system which your major is located under such as Arts and Sciences (CAS), Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR), or Education and Human Sciences (CEHS).
Please use the format 000-000-0000.
For housing purposes only.
Check the CPBS courses in which you wish to enroll. *
You can only take 1 class per session, up to 4 classes per summer. If you are unsure which class you would like to take, you can sign up for more than one to temporarily hold a spot in those classes.
If you select yes, we will contact you for details regarding your dietary needs. If you opt not to respond to these inquiries, we cannot guarantee accommodation for you.
If you select yes, we will contact you for details concerning your life at the station.
Leave blank if you don't have a specific person you would like to room with.
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