Campus Site Improvements

HDR suggested improvements to the campus grounds

  • Improve paths
    • Make paths accessible
    • Construct new concrete paths from main social area and Goodall Lodge to Girls Cabins
    • Walking paths have 5% slope with 2% cross-slope max
    • Ramps have 8% slope max with handrails
    • Build switch-back ramps to level out severe grade changes
    • Use non-native tree clearing as a source for constructing retaining walls
    • Build new stairs off path for direct access to Wash-house Cabin
Area between cabin and road
  • Improve drainage
    • Construct and utilize swales to redirect water around the Wash-house
    • Direct water runoff to main drainage creek
    • Construct retaining walls to slow down water runoff
      • Construct retaining walls to terrace the landscape in areas where mowing is required
      • Retaining walls should be constructed of locally collected large rocks and boulders or timbers made from locally cleared trees.
Drainage example and soil retention around cabins
  • Replace bridge over creek
    • Construct a new bridge that offers better accessibility
    • Bridge needs to be able to support light vehicle traffic
    • Bridge becomes a social gathering space
    • Possibly construct a culvert system in stead of a bridge.
      • A culvert would require less maintenance but would require a greater negative impact on the site.
Bridge vs Culvert
  • Improve social space
    • Construct boardwalk deck with incorporated seating
    • Add lighting and safety features to social ares
    • Define edges of gathering area
    • Create a sense of character with common areas

Socializing Area ex 2
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The paths
Drainage and runoff
The bridge
Social gathering areas
Which would you rather see?