We are located just east of the Kingsley Dam, on the south shore of Lake Ogallala.  While much of CPBS is not clearly labled on GoogleMap, our core campus does come up correctly.

Written directions below and the map to the right are the easiest way, but you can come through Roscoe via the Roscoe - Keystone road to come up to Cedar Point from the southeast.  In general that route is poorly marked and can be difficult to drive in rainy weather.

From Interstate 80 take the Ogallala exit (# 126). Proceed north on U.S.26 / Nebr. 61 through town for approximately 3 miles (follow the signs for Lake McConaughy). You will be on East A St. (one-way) heading north through town. Stay in the left lane.  On 8th Street you will turn left go one block and turn right on N. Spruce Street and continue north out of town.  

Just north of the hospital, the two highways split keep right on Neb. Highway 61 for approximately 6 miles. As you approach Kingsley Dam (Lake McConaughy will be visible ahead to your left) there will be a Nebraska Game and Parks visitor center on the right.  At 0.6 mile North of the visitor center, you will crest a hill, turn right on the  gravel road (GPS coordinates: North 41°12.4’, West 101°40.2’). Follow this winding road down towards the hydroelectric plant. At the bottom of the hill, turn right on this gravel road. You will come across a white gate labeled “Cedar Point Biological Station.” The gate is chained but not locked.  Close and secure the gate behind you and drive for approximately 3/4 mile.

Park your car on the left side of the road in the parking lot, and walk to the east until you encounter a UNL sign. Turn right and walk up the hill on this drive way to the loading dock, then up the steps on the south side of Goodall Lodge.  Just to the east of Goodall Lodge is the Gainsforth Resource Center where you will check can at the office. 

Additional maps (PDF's) can be downloaded:

Road Map to CPBS 

CPBS Campus Map

Lake Ogallala (includes bathometric info)

   Drawn Map of How to Reach Cedar Point from Ogallala