CPBS opens an internal roster for all of our summer courses in early November.  What we will offer and who will be teaching has been finalized and approved at that point and there are advantages in planning for housing, dinning and summer staff hires well in advance of MyRed opening for on-line enrolment (in early March) for summer courses.

A few easy steps locks you into a spot in one or more of our courses:

  • Fill out our application form (Word or PDF). This confirms contact information, courses you want, and other important issues like allergies, etc.
  • Pay the cost of food and housing**  This is $575.00 for 3 weeks. Up to 40% of those enrolled will cover this cost with a room and board scholarship.
  • Turn in your application form and a check written to "UNL" at 101 Manter Hall
  • In March you will receive a "departmental permission code" and you will need to complete enrollment via MyRed

Room and board awards forms for the summer are usually available in early November.  Download it from our website or pick up a copy at the Cedar Point Office in 101 Manter Hall.  Room & Board Scholarship: (Word or PDF) 

** The room and board fee is your depositIt must be paid in full and is non-refundable.  We accept cash, check or money order (see fee schedule).

 -- ONLY full payment guarantees enrollment --

In April we will email you an information packet.  It will include maps, instructions on what to bring, when and where to show up and a few rules.

Classes are typically limited to 18 or 20 students, early registration is highly recommended.  We do use waiting lists. 

Mission and Goals

Ultimately our goal is to try our best to give everyone a fair and equal opportunity to enroll in a Cedar Point course. We try to be flexible enough to accomidate the exceptions but have enough rules so that costs are kept reasonable and you the student can plan out your coming summer well in advance. We award more than $15,000 to students to cover room and board costs every summer. We want you to enroll and the course to be full. So, please feel welcome to stop in, call or email to discuss anything this website or the brochure doesn't address.

Thanks, Jon Garbisch, Associate Director