Located in the Gainesforth Resource Building is the Cedar Point branch of the UNL Library system.   The CPBS Library collection is primarily field guides and other reference material that are specific to the natural history of western Nebraska.   It is our goal to be sure all of this material is fully cataloged and that it can be searched for on line via the UNL Library Catalog.  Most journals are now available on line via the UNL Library subscriptions.  Occassionally older journals are not available and in those cases the Library can often find a pdf version of the article and email it in 1 or 2 days.  To most UNL students and researchers the CPBS WiFi should work as if you are still on the main campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We have provisions to cover visitors and provide WiFi and library access to non-UNL visitors at no additional charge just ask any staff person at the station.

Gainesforth Resource Center