The main Cedar Point Biological Station campus is a bit over 30 acres in area and contains more than 30 buildings.  The core buildings where constructed as a Girlscout Camp in 1960.  A few predate the camp and where part of the original Cedar Point Ranch owned by the Gainesforth family.  A few where added by UNL after Cedar Point was aquired in 1975.

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We have several buildings that were built as part of Cedar Point Ranch.  I would guess 1910 - 1950.  These include a ranch house, a barn, some other out buildings and numerous foundations.  None of these buildings are currently in use and will require extensive repair and renovation in the near future to be saved.

The original Cedar Point Girlscout Camp included 10 cabins and 2 washhouses that have only been upgraded with minimal electrical service.  These cabins and the two original wash houses now converted to cabins are the core of the undergraduate student housing. Our current capacity is 62 beds in undergraduate cabins.  All of these cabins share a common washhouse completed in 2010 with NSF, FSML funds.

The Map below is a PDf that can be printed on an 8 1/2 x 11 page.

Map of campus

Check back in the future as I plan to add more information on buildings, history, available space for teaching, and research labs / facilities etc.