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Cedar Point Biological Station (CPBS) is a field based alternative classroom and research lab.  The School of Biological Sciences purchased Cedar Point Ranch from the Gainesforth Family several years after initially leasing the core campus (a girlscout camp) in 1975.   Cedar Point Ranch girlscout camp was built in 1960, and was available with housing, classroom and dining facilities.  SBS wanted a permanent field site that could be used for field based courses and research.  Today CPBS offers 7 to 8 courses every summer and supports a broad range of research groups.  

The users and staff at Cedar Point work hard to maintain a relaxed friendly environment that promotes the "Cedar Point Experience."  We want to encourage all users to consider themselves a partner in this effort and we always intend to be fully open to comment, suggestion and critique.  For the most part all we only ask that you use good-sense and be respectful of the other users.  We expect Cedar Point to be functioning long into the future so please treat facilities and research sites as finite, fragile resources and help others to see this concept; if only to keep your annual costs down to reasonable level.  

There are hundreds of biological field stations in a wide assortment of environments and locations globally and we are proud to be an early member of OBFS.   The Organization of Biological Field Station is an international network of field based facilities.  The OBFS website (link to the right) offers a wide range of services: lists of field courses available though out (mostly) The Americas, listings of jobs from entry / summer to facility directorships, and a wide range of general information promoting the biological field station experience.  

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CPBS is a member of the Organization of Biological Field Stations.  

Courses-Jobs-Opportunities @ biological stations all over the Americas...OBFS...CHECK IT OUT!